Short fiction

Works of fiction by Ignatius


:::Wheeze::: Hello? Who is it? I think can answer a couple of questions. It's getting harder to breathe, I'm not sure how long I have. I'm getting too weak, and I'm sure that I'll not be able to talk soon. It's… I just won't have the strength. I was fine two days ago, but then yesterday I just collapsed out in the middle ... Continue reading »

The Shower (Black Mold part 2)

I feel faint. I open the cupboard for a glass, intending to drink, but the glasses are covered in a thick dust. That isn't a problem though. I already left some dish soap by the kitchen sink, I'll just clean one or two glasses. I put the stopper into the sink and turn the knob to start the water. I hear bangs and tapping from below, a small ... Continue reading »

Black mold

I just woke up. I've been in this house for a week now. Something is extraordinarily wrong here. I don't just mean the black mold marks on the wall, but strange things keep happening. I feel like I should leave. One of the mold marks is changing. It now looks like a warped target, an oval around a circle. It starts to move on its own, as if ... Continue reading »

On a Safety Pin.

This was a writing exercise I came up with. Think of something completely mundane and write an essay about it. This essay is first about safety pins, but then I mixed in paper clips as well. Thoughts are more than welcome.

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Heritage month

It's heritage month at my (John) son Stephen's school. This means that he needs to talk to one of his relatives about where our family comes from. And since my grandfather (or "Gramps") is still alive, that means that we all took a trip out to see him. The school gave him a list of questions to ask. I've included the transcript below.

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